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Getting Started

With this theme you can install it as a starter for a new project, or add it to an existing Gatsby site.


The easiest way to get started with gatsby-theme-documentation is to use one of the provided starters. They come with a pre-built theme and starter content which you can edit and get going.

Basegatsby new johno/gatsby-starter-documentation
Darkgatsby new johno/gatsby-starter-documentation-dark
Tomatogatsby new johno/gatsby-starter-documentation-tomato


If you have an existing site you'd like to add the theme to, you can install the theme and then specify the basePath.

yarn add gatsby-theme-documentation

Set the basePath

// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
plugins: [
resolve: 'gatsby-theme-documentation',
options: {
basePath: '/docs'